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BaseKit SiteBuilder Tutorials

These Easy-To-Use Tutorials are available to assist you in editing and building your own website. Or are just useful tools to make minor corrections.

1. BaseKit SiteBuilder Introduction to the BaseKit

2. User Interface  Making your own template widget in BaseKit

3 .Choosing and Installing a Template in BaseKit

4. Refine your Template by changing it’s Theme

5. Replacing the default images with your own

6. Adding an image in BaseKit

7. Adding RSS News feeds to your pages in BaseKit

8. Adding a Flickr Image Gallery to your pages

9. Adding a video to your website

10. Adding a Twitter Feed in BaseKit

11. Adding a text block to a page

12. Editing text block Widgets in BaseKit

13. Adding comments feature to your pages

14. Adding Google Analytics to your pages

15. Adding Navigation menus

16. Working with multiple columns

17. Creating forms on your website

18. Creating a image carousel or slideshow

19. Setting up a PayPal Buy Now Button

20. Sell Multiple items on a single page

21. Adding a Google Map to your page

22. Cloning Pages to create new ones

23. Connecting your content to Social Networks