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Top Website Placement

“It has only been 4 weeks since we started this… our average hits per month was 800 hits per month…already since we started with Top Website Placement, to date our site has had over 2300 hits…. you can see how our web presence has jumped.. What…200+%… and the month is not over and we did not start a full month…”



“Thanks to Top Website Placement our Company is growing much faster than we had planned. We are now working hard to hire and train new Buyer Specialist to handle the increased business. Thanks again for the great customer service and I look forward to working with you in the future.”


“Excellent Job, Excellent Service, You guys are Great!”



“We are a “Snail Mail” house and frankly, did not expect to gain any direct mail business. However, much to our surprise, we’re getting calls daily for mail house printing and mailing services. Keep up the good work, Mike!



“Thank you very much! My call load is way up thanks to Top Website Placement, Have a wonderful day.”



” This letter is to thank you so much for your exceptional service! You originally contacted me in July via email. I called you and left a message and you returned my call in 5 minutes…wow, that was fast.

As a full-time Realtor with 19 years experience– and owner of a Real Estate office in Las Vegas–I’m impressed!…After discussing my needs and the services you offer, I explained to you that I needed a few more days to decide what I wanted to do. I greatly appreciate you allowing me the time to review my marketing budget and check out some other vendors. Drew you never “bothered” me w/repeated calls and email messages! Thank you very much. You respected the fact that I needed time to decide what I wanted to do.

As you know, I contacted you 2 days after our initial conversation and you explained to me, with NEVER any sales pressure, about what you could specifically do for me…you also respected the fact this is a very difficult real estate market and my Internet marketing dollars are limited…You came up with a fantastic plan, that worked well within my budget, and in 45 minutes of talking to you, my website was placed in the top 5 spots on Yahoo (Many times it is actually #1—Thanks Drew!), No waiting, no excuses, just results.


I want you to know that I am pleased with you and your companies service and product.  My placement ad on google started off slow but to after only two weeks of using your service the business that it has generated for me has more than paid for this ad and now I am heading into profits.


Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! I faxed you the agreement on Thursday AM – you had me in the 1ST Listing on all Three Search Phrases by the end of the day! I received my first phone call from my website on Saturday! (My website has been up a whole year and this is the first call I’ve received!) I have an appointment with my prospective Clients this Saturday! UNBELIEVABLE!! You are my Hero!!



“I’m fully STOKED on this. Wow! What great results, and so Fast! I love the new Google redesign that has the sponsored link at the top of the page– I didn’t recognize it as ad at first. I will use your services again, for sure.”



“I just wanted you to know how helpful your services have been for my company. Not only does my website have more traffic, but potential clients are very impressed with the “reach” I provide them if they list with me. I look forward to expanding my phase base with your company. Traffic and setting myself apart from other agents, real keys to moving my business forward in any market!!!!!”



More testimonials available upon request.